Our Work


What We Do

  • We ensure women have adequate support and guidance on isolation, abuse, domestic abuse and mental health
  • We provide information on available benefits provided by charities and government
  • We offer a safe space for women to meet and talk in informal groups
  • We provide a weekly drop-in session for one-to-one counselling
  • We organise events that help to bring the community together, such as our annual dinner and dance event
  • We provide facilities and activities for education training including ESOL and IT classes
  • We provide facilities and activities for recreation such as day trips and outings
  • We help women with their physical health by offering dance, healthy eating and yoga classes
  • We empower women through confidence building activities and workshops on self esteem and body image
  • We provide weekly lunch clubs, yoga classes and arts & crafts facilities

Our Programmes

Our thematic focus areas have changed over the years in response to emerging issues within the community and we are constantly working to stay on top of the most pressing issues facing women like Sexual abuse, Domestic Violence, HIV/AIDS, mental health to name a few.

Our programs largely focus on making communities safer and a better place for women. This is done by providing Information, Advice and Guidance to women from the ‘Hard to Reach’ population groups, especially immigrants, the socially excluded and victims of domestic violence.

Awaaz provides support on accessing health care services and creating an enabling environment for each group to utilise the available services, free from any stigma and discrimination. The key activities that we do in order to achieve our mission are:

  • Information, advice and guidance
  • Community mobilisation
  • School-based education programmes
  • Information, Education & Communication (IEC)
  • Support sessions
  • Women's club
  • Outreach



MOPAC Mayor's Office for Policing and Crime

  • Our Early Intervention Project focuses on issues and concerns that have been identified by our local Community, and which focuses on crime prevention and reduction of antisocial behaviour
  • We are focussing on the engagement and inclusion of local communities, such as schools and children’s centres that are not involved with the crime and policing agenda, we aim to support them in helping to make their communities in Redbridge a safer place to live
  • Our Project will focus on school children, Parents and Carers that are not involved directly with the policing agenda
  • Our aim is to deliver early intervention by having coffee morning workshops at local schools, children’s centres and places of worship with the support of the local safer neighbourhood team
  • We will support and facilitate these workshops at different venues in the Borough of Redbridge
  • We have delivered 3 workshops to date

Ongoing Programmes

Community Cohesion Project

Community Cohesion Project

A participatory project designed to engage marginalised women into the mainstream through offering ESOL classes, self-esteem and confidence building workshops.

Keeping Fit Project

Keeping Fit Project

A keep fit project on engaging women from all backgrounds to learn to keep fit through simply by dancing Bhangra (Punjabi folk dance).

Cooking Project

Cooking Project

A healthy lifestyle project for women to learn to cook food in the most nutritious ways and reduce obesity, Cardio vascular diseases by cooking healthy.


People's Health Trust

Meet & Greet Project

Weekly drop-in sessions every Wednesday where we provide chair-based exercise, knitting and crochet, flower arrangement and creative writing